About Barberbos

Allow us to introduce BarBerBos, 1920 barbershop in Bandung, Indonesia. It starts right after you enter the barbeshop, the scent; the decorations; the barber chairs... these fire up the ambience. It is NOT just about the haircut, it is more than that! It is more about the feeling of getting manlier & respectable gentleman's look. We want you to look at the mirror and say.... "Hey that's the look I want it..clean cut, dapper look." Clean cut, combed hair, clean shaven face.... WHY NOT? It is all what a gentleman should have. Remember... "The world is full of guys. Be a gentleman. Be a boss. Stay sharp!"

Why Us

We put hygiene and customer satisfaction on our top priorities. We provide you with the best hair catalog. Our barbers are well trained. The best head & should massage you can get. We bring you back to 1920. The golden era of barbershop. You can experience different uniqueness in each branch We keep innovating to meet the criteria of men's grooming

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